Tucked away in the Waiotemarama Gorge, South Hokianga is where I live and work.
I am surrounded by New Zealand Native Bush.

It is here, in my humble little studio/ house that all my art comes to life…


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Behind the scenes – In my Studio…

All of my prints start their life as a piece of end-grain Kauri.

These pieces I start off by cleaning up and using my hand engraving tools I work the pattern for the print design into the flat section of the wood. This is an intricate part of the process where texture and detail are added. (For multi‐colour prints, I use a separate wood block for each colour layer).

Then its time for applying an even layer of etching ink onto the raised section of the wood block using a selection of rollers.

The wood block is then placed onto my hand screw press with the Arches 88 Archival paper and screwed down to the correct pressure in order to create the finished print. 

Once the prints are dry and set then they are trimmed down to the correct size, signed, numbered and titled. The finished prints are now ready to be framed and displayed.